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Quickly List and Automate Product Management Across Selling Channels.

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One Click Integrations

Vendorelite™ provides one click integrations with all your Marketplaces, Shopping Carts and Service Providers. Helping our clients to scale & grow quickly!

ECommerce Integration ECommerce Integration Watch Video

Pre-integrated channels for easy & swift expansion

  • Ready ecommerce Integration
  • Just type in store credentials and you are all set-up
  • Available for Amazon, Bonanza, eBay, Google, Newegg, Walmart, Yahoo, and counting
ECommerce Integration
Inventory Management

Inventory Management Watch Video

  • Keep accurate inventory across all ecommerce platforms

  • Easily change and link base SKUs via aliases to different SKU codes for the same product across marketplaces
  • Prevent over-selling with smart reserved inventory stock buffer
  • Change the titles of the listing across all channels
  • Combination product listing

Order Manager Order Manager Watch Video

Process All Orders from A Single Dashboard

  • Bulk ship all eCommerce marketplaces orders from a single seller panel
  • Create invoices and labels automatically
  • Accurate order tracking update for all marketplaces
  • Auto-combined orders from the same customer even from different marketplaces
  • Auto-Signature Confirmation
  • Easily upgrade Shipping Options for expedited service
Order Manager
Purchase Manager

Purchase Manager Watch Video

Smart order manager based on preset capacity and pack quantity

  • Manage supplier discount, handling and exchange rate
  • Easy bulk or individual product supplier update
  • Inventory Check-In
Shipping Manager

Shipping Manager Watch Video

Pre-integrated courier partners, FedEx, DHL, USPS, UPS.

  • Just add your account credentials and you are ready to go
  • Automatically Hunt for best rates from USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL or use a preset selection
  • Always available easy to reprint shipping labels
  • Delete and create new shipping labels
  • Add multiple shipping labels for one order (if shipping in more than one package)
  • No need for shipstation or any other costly software

Order Fulfilment Order Fulfilment Watch Video

Create bulk or individual scannable order invoices and shipping labels

  • Bulk or individual order product picking with defined item location
  • Scan order number form the invoice
  • Scan products to make sure only the correct items and quantity are processed
  • Create or scan shipping label to make sure order is shipped to the right customer
Order Fulfilment
Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Manager Watch Video

Keep accurate inventory

  • Bulk edit of the inventory location
  • Up to three separate locations for the same product for expanded and daily stock
  • Manual or automatic location update
  • Preset capacity in each location

Price Manager Price Manager Watch Video

Accurately calculate cost and price in bulk or individual products

  • Preset variables: Price, Exchange Rate, Handling, Shipping Cost, and more
  • Set a formula to calculate price for individual marketplace stores
  • Automatic price update once variables change
Price Manager

Pricing Pricing

  • Simple and affordable pricing for any scale business
  • First 30 orders per month are always Free
  • Just $0.08 per order after the first 30 orders
Security/Fraud Protection

Security/Fraud Protection Watch Video

  • Add or remove access for individual employees
  • Assign employee access to specific pages
  • Difficult customer warning
  • Undeliverable address warning
  • Warning for cheating and fraudulent customers

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